ASIC Miner  Hosting Solutions

Locations based around SE Asia with a pipeline to open sites in New Zealand and Australia. 

First Things First,​ Why Crypto Miner Hosting?

Full setup

We’ll setup and link your miner in our dedicated hosting facility

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the status of your equipment from anywhere at any city.

Earnings To Your Wallet

Your earnings are delivered straight to your wallet.

All in one

Our hosting plans include electricity and maintenance costs.

24/7 Support

Always on hand, we’re available to answer your questions and ensure your mining equipment is always running.

Temperature, Dust and Humidity Controlled

Our dedicated facility is optimised to provide a stable operating temperature for mining at all times.

Start as low as 4.95c USD / kWh

Co-locating your crypto miner at one of our state of the art immersion cooled facilities, you can take advantage of our highly competitive cost of power, expert engineering and maintenance team as well as round the clock monitoring for your miners. At a HashX mining facility we also have a 97% uptime commitment, maximizing your investment and get you the best ROI possible. Rates can start as low as 4.95c USD / kWh, which makes you energy some of the lest expensive in the industry.

Immersion Cooling Kits

We use immersion cooling to maximizeboth your hardware uptime and lifespan.With some of the lowest cost energy on the market there is no better way to​ mine, with current location in SE Asia, and a pipeline in Australia and New Zealand.